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Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso, Roma.

'Cindy Marler e un'eccellente fotografa che sa rappresentare l'eros femminile, senza sospetto di mercificazione o di indotta passivita da parta della modella'
'Innocenza combinata a perversione, timidezza contrapposta a sfrontatezza, allegria mescolata a melanconia, generosita unita a ritrosia sono gli ingredienti che caratterizzano le immagini della Marler, in bilico continuo tra immaginario e realta. Nella sua ricera di catturare la personalita multipla delle sue modelle conta molta il carattere cosmopolita e giramondo.'

'Cindy Marler is an excellent photographer who knows how to represent feminine eros without a suspicion of merchandising or encouraging passivity from her models.'
'Innocence combined with perversion, introversy versus extroversy, joy mixed with melancony, generosity mixed with reluctance, these are the characteristics of 'La Marler'. The continual balance between imagination and reality, in her research of the multiple personality of her models.'

extract from text written by Judith Lange - Scala Group Firenze.

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European Visions of Sensuality

by 8 Women Photographers

'A glance, a look, a gesture, a movement, that is poetry' to Cindy Marler, who has been dancer, actress and comedian in the past. Having acquired the sophistication and aesthetic sense unique to show business, she 'opens the door' leading to the ecstasy and emancipation of women, with her facinating style, with which she observes and records the 'poetry' in gestures and actions.

Each of Cindy's photos echos to the distinctive beat and triviality of commercialism; Cindy's audacious and provocative intentions combine in a scandalous image, imprinting it on the viewer's consciousness. Cindy depicts the nature of feminine sensuality in a light-hearted manner without becoming stiff or serious, yet she gets straight to the point without digressing.
As Cindy herself puts it; 'I approach serious subjects in a playful way. Everyone has a story to tell. I let my models tell their story'.
extract from text by Miro Ito


Nooit eerder hebben zo veel vrouwen zo nadrukkelijk de toongezet in de Nederlandse fotografie, en nooit eerder was het 'vrouw-zijn' ook zo'n breed onderzocht fotografisch thema.

Waarom? 'Vrouwen zoeken voortdurend naar hun roots, of naar manieren om creatief te groeien', zegt Cindy Marler, die dertig vrouwelijke collega's portretterde.

Op de foto die Cindy Marler maakte van haar vakgenote Eva Besnyo komt een kleine eeuw beeldgeschiedenis samen.De bijna 90-jarige, witgrijs fotografe in ruste poseert voor Marlers lens met op borsthoogte een zelfportret uit haar jeugdjaren in de vooroorlogse Berlin. 'Dit is mijn Madonna' had ze tijdens de fotosessie tegen Marler gezegd. De jonge Eva heeft haar spiegelbeeld gevangen in de camera die zij op borsthoogte houdt. Enigszins vroom heeft ze haar blik op een fictief, verheven punt in de verte gericht. Het is een beloftevolle foto.
Door Besnyo op deze manier te portretteren, heeft Marler de scheidslijn tussen het heden en het verleden geslecht. Want het zelfbewuste jeugdportret dat de in Hongarije geboren Besnyo geheven houdt, is niet alleen een echo uit het verleden. Nee een hele generatie hedendaagse vrouwelijke fotografen kan zich in dit beeld spiegelen.

text Arno Haitema, Volkskrant magazine.


PF Professional magazine for photography and Imaging has decided to publish an extra magazine of 32 pages from the serie 'Eye2Eye, Dutch Women Photographers at the Turn of the 20th Century' the photo exhibition by Cindy Marler. The reasons being are:

1) Beautiful photography, in which the photographers are characterised exceptional well.

.2) High quality and excellent way of promotion for Cindy Marler and PF.

3) Exhibition in the Melkweg and blowup prints sponsored by Capi-Lux.

4) The Theme. Never before were women photographers photographed in this way and in such numbers.

Jan van de Schans. PF.

Joel Peter Witkin, 'The new Pope of Photography'.

text and photos by Cindy Marler

'Tell me the story about the Man Without the Head.'

Fellini, Mastroianni, Jango and my missing color negatives.

By Cindy Marler
Rome, July 1979

'Out stepped Fellini, and some others and casual words and gestures followed, talks, introductions some fooling around between Jango and Fellini'.

This short story was published in PhotoQ in the yearbook 2006