Fellini Part 2

Out stepped Fellini, and some others and casual words and gestures followed, talks, introductions some fooling around between Jango and Fellini, I couldn’t hear what was said but as I watched I felt like I was in a movie.
Me in a long pink summer dress and my baby by the river, these people on the bridge, more cars arriving, Marcello Mastroianni, now stepping out of a car. Another large man dressed like a peasant woman in big boots, a motor bike. I took my camera out and started making a few shots.
I noticed Mastroianni look in my direction and make a double take, I could read his lips they were saying “Who is that?” and I read Jango’s lips replying “ That’s my wife”.
After a time I got up and joined the party, was formally introduced to Mastroianni, he charmingly offered me a cup of tea from his tea flask and the show went on.
I continued to make my snapshots, Jango, Fellini, Mastroianni, the man dressed up as a woman with the motorbike, Mastroianni on the back of the motorbike, the film camera, the filmshot.
I even went so far in true snapshot fashion to get someone to make a photo of me and Fellini and my baby together.
Later Giulietta Massina arrived chaffeur driven to pick up her husband, the shoot was over, my roll of film was finished and it was then that Fiametta (Fellini’s redheaded secretary) asked me what I was going to do with the roll of film. She offered to have it developed for me as she knew Rome beter than I did. I thanked her for her thoughtfulness and without a shadow of doubt I gave her my roll of film.
What a blunder! I never saw that roll of film again, I never saw the negatives and after 2 years I received a few prints from my roll of film.
Yes prints of Fellini, Mastroianni, Jango, even the photo of Fellini, baby and I, but no negatives, and I could have kicked myself for being so naive as to give my film away

this short story was published in PhotoQ in the yearbook 2006 .