Projects A Serene Day
'A day without storytelling is a disconnected day' San quote (San is the African translation for Bushman)

In 2008 I travelled down to the South West Cape to do research on the San people. During my visit I was invited to the 'Voorkamerfeest' in a town called Darling.

This is a annual theatre festival that is organised by locals and internationals and sponored by The Royal Theatre Carre, Amsterdam, amongst others. I was given the assignment to photograph the Theatre Managers, these are local residents that open their living rooms up to become theatres, for the duration of the festival.

The town Darling has a railway line running through it. On one side of the track are quiet avenues where old villas with rambling gardens are sitiuated. On the other side of the track is the township, even within the township there are poorer and more afluent parts.The living rooms that become theatres are situated in all areas of the town, giving the spectators a unique feeling of the pulse of the town and the diversity of the people, living in close proximity to each other.